About Us

A Unique Network of Professionals
Specialized in Crafting
Your Tailored Trip to Spain & Portugal

Our Vocation

We are not individuals who stumbled upon the idea of starting a travel agency during a random trip. Instead, we are seasoned professionals with expertise in providing high-end tourism experiences.

Drawing from our years of experience as luxury tour guides, we have recognized that contemporary travelers desire to have control over their journeys while avoiding unnecessary complexities and hassles.

Recognizing the importance of simplicity and uncompromising excellence in travel services, we have crafted a unique proposition for our guests. Our goal is to provide them with effortless access to comprehensive travel solutions while maintaining the highest standards.

Through our proposal, guests can unlock coveted contacts typically reserved for top industry professionals. We are committed to fostering a vibrant community within luxury tourism where all participants find happiness and satisfaction.

Our mission is to ensure that every aspect of their journey reflects our dedication to excellence, creating a harmonious environment for all involved.

Our Values



We intend to make ethics and transparency fundamental pillars of our company’s philosophy. The relationships with our clients and collaborators are  based on these non-negotiable principals.



We are committed to responsible tourism. We make every effort to minimize the impact that travellers may have on the destination from a conservation point of view.



Our social contribution is carried out through collaborating with development programs in countries in need. We have opted to concentrate our efforts on the field of medicine.

Our Team


CEO & Founder

Passionate of culture and traveling, I have been working for 20 years in the luxury tourism sector, first as an official and lecturer guide for high-profile clients, later as a consultant and entrepreneur. I hold a university degree in Philosophy and History and I am self-taught in extensive BA and Marketing.

Thanks to my continuous trips, I have had the good fortune to meet the best professionals in each sector of tourism. Discovering the most knowledgeable guides, the authentic local producers and the charming accommodations everywhere has not been a tedious task, but a professional pleasure that happened almost spontaneously.

It is this expertise and these invaluable contacts that my teammates and I are now making available to you.


CFO and co-founder

My name is Amparo, a proud partner of Granada Exclusive.

I studied Business Management Administration at the University of Granada. My passion for discovering unspoilt places, authentic local food and interesting people was the perfect basis to get attracted by the exciting idea of starting Granada Exclusive.

I decided to leave my old job as an auditor so as to get embarked in my own company, blending my passion for travel with my experience as an auditor. This gave me the necessary perspective on logistics and the indispensable attention to detail that every accounting department must process.

Hope we can make trips work together.



As a journalist, a cultural expert and now a tourist entrepreneur, my passion and engagement have always been the dissemination of peoples’ cultures in a responsible and vivid way.

Graduated in both Political Sciences and Journalism, fluent in five languages, I lived in several countries and have worked as a correspondent in the Middle East for a renowned French newspaper, a project coordinator for prized cultural foundations, a translator and author of numerous books and articles dealing with the cultural heritage of the Iberian Peninsula and the Mediterranean.

I am now totally dedicated to the expansion and the top-quality services of our company, through unceasing and enriching inspection trips. To share these experiences with our dear guests.